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Supportive Housing Standards

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The current iteration of the supportive housing standards was created with significant stakeholder engagement in the interest of universalizing expectations for service and operating models for site-based supportive housing in Minnesota. The Supportive Housing Alliance recommends that funders of site-based supportive housing adopt these standards for organizations and developments they fund that provide site-based supportive housing.

The Supportive Housing Alliance is aware that many of these standards are already common practice for supportive housing partners, but also know that adequate resources are not yet available to support full implementation of the standards across all supportive housing sites. We recognize that funding partners have a significant role in identifying necessary resources and supports to implement the standards and a responsibility to outline monitoring practices to review adherence to the supportive housing standards. This is work that the Supportive Housing Alliance commits to, in partnership with stakeholders of supportive housing, as well as a continuous improvement process to support evolution of the standards as we all learn more.

More about the project and process for creating the standards can found here.

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